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Stuka Squadron sign to Metal on Metal records of Italy!

Dearest Squadroneers, For those who missed it, STUKA SQUADRON are delighted to be able to deliver some AWESOME NEWS. For the release of the 'Zeppelin' album on 15 December we are partnering with METAL ON METAL RECORDS of Italy! Obviously this is terrifically exciting. Metal On Metal have been active participants in the last leg of this album journey, contributing aweome sleeve notes and showing a deep interest in and understanding of the band philosophy and what we are all about. We also look forward to playing alongside our new label mates shortly (come on Arkham Witch, let's see ya)! Metal On Metal records released this announcement on 05 December.

"We are proud to announce the formation of a new strategic partnership: the London-based vampire pilots from Stuka Squadron have decided to join forces with Metal on Metal Records for the release of their second studio album "Zeppelin".

STUKA SQUADRON's image and the whole lore/world they've created around it may look intriguing, but it would mean nothing if they didn't have the music to back it up. But their music stands on its own: it is classic heavy metal with a dose of power metal of the highest order. Formed in 2007, they released an EP and a full-length, "Tales of the Ost", which was reissued one year later by Metalbox Recordings and amassed them a devoted fanbase in the British scene. They were one of the most active bands in the metal underground on the live front around that time, but unfortunately their victory march was cut short in 2012, and 11 years passed, including a hiatus, before the successor was ready to see the light of day.

"Zeppelin" was well worth the wait though. This concept album featuring a new air-raid-siren-like vocalist and highly varied songs is sure to please old fans anew and convert newcomers in droves, especially those into bands like BLIND GUARDIAN, ICED EARTH, IRON MAIDEN, DEMONS & WIZARDS, HELL and SAVATAGE. With the new recruits in the line-up, the band is combat-ready to prove their mettle and their worth on the live front once more... and, of course, to drink blood again!

For now, STUKA SQUADRON command you to watch their lyric video for "Angel of Mons" to get ready for what's to come soon.

We will release "Zeppelin" on CD as well as on Bandcamp and all relevant digital platforms on December 15th, and in a few days we will put more songs online and start the pre-order."

'ZEPPELIN' will be available from the label and also direct from this site.

IN ADDITION please watch this space. We will shortly announce OUR FIRST DATES FOR 2024.

From Strange, Pyre, Orlok, Strix, Flieger.


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