STUKA SQUADRON is the award-winning Heavy Metal act whose 'Tales of the Ost' (2011) album garnered considerable critical praise and excellent album sales. The band portrays a group of vampire warriors who have fought through the ages on innumerable battlefields and enjoyed adventures across the world, pitting them against adversaries both mortal and immortal. The name celebrates the band's most recent wartime incarnation, but - as the song 'Tales of the Ost' itself relates, STUKA SQUADRON's bloody bootprints echo through the pages of history....

Vampires are inherently warlike creatures, and as befits a Metal band frequently compared to the likes of IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST, the lyrics of STUKA SQUADRON reflect themes related to WAR, THE OCCULT, the tales of H P LOVECRAFT and the trials and tribulations of vampirism - particularly their own interminable conflicts, feuds and squabbles. 


In recent years the band has been as likely to grace the cover of The Daily Mail as to adorn their usual homes (Metal Hammer, Classic Rock or Terrorizer Magazines), although how anybody contrived to take seriously a Horror Rock band whose every interview was inherently comedic in nature is anyone's guess.

Following a quiet period, the band is currently song-writing ahead of the recording of the long-awaited First World War-themed second album 'ZEPPELIN' (scheduled for released in 2021).






Capt Strange.jpg

                                      CAPTAIN STRANGE OF BLOODWORTH HILL

Revenants, ghouls, Undead in all of your numerous hues and guises BEHOLD and REJOICE, for THE SQUADRON presents A NEW SINGER!

It is none other than CAPTAIN STRANGE OF BLOODWORTH HILL (tremble mortals! etc...). He replaces departed vocalist and founding member DUKE FANG.

CAPTAIN STRANGE returns to us from decades of secret missions in THE OCCIDENT where he worked against such foes as The Wily Pathan, and his ARCH-NEMESIS, KHALI and the remnants of THE THUGEE CULT.

He has already laid down some vocals in the recording studio, where he joins LORD PYRE and COUNT AXIS on the forthcoming STUKA SQUADRON chronicle 'ZEPPELIN'. 


Count Axis.JPG

                                                 COUNT AXIS 

COUNT AXIS returns to STUKA SQUADRON following stints in the band in the early 1940s and then again in 2009-10. THE ITALIAN NEMESIS - who first came to the attention of his fellow vampires in the rein of MURAT as King of Naples - played on some tracks on the TALES OF THE OST album - in particular the award winning (did we mention that?) ON THE VOLGA BRIDGE. 

Since originally departing STUKA SQUADRON he has largely been imprisoned in a mysterious realm known only as SLIPPER MANOR. He returns to the fray thirsty for BLOOD and METAL GLORY. 


                                                   GRAHAM LORD PYRE


GRAHAM LORD PYRE's reported origins are murky. He claims to have fought with THE BLACK PRINCE at the battle of POITIERS in his earliest incarnation and has ridden battlefield after battlefield through several centuries of war. 

He was sought after and eventually tracked down by LORD BYRON, who became his companion as he toured the battlefields of nineteenth century Europe. Under Byron's tutelage he developed the poetic skills that he now uses in STUKA SQUADRON.


LORD PYRE was one of the key commanders of THE STUKA SQUADRON with JAMES DUKE FANG after they met at an occult society in the 1930s. LORD PYRE continues the battle as THE BASS WARRIOR and WORDSMITH in THE STUKA SQUADRON.


He remains ever vigilant for the return of the various enemies of THE SQUADRON - werewolves, Russians, Russian werewolves, Rasputin, thieving record labels, maniac drummers, Fleet Street Reporters, long-legged but short-trousered Labour MPs (ginger ones), people from Brighton, ties. Also Zabulon. Particularly Zabulon* **.

*'Zabulon' was in fact the name given to an early guitarist in Stuka Squadron who relentlessly self-sabotaged due to a predilection for the bottle. Ludicrous conspiracy theories that the 'Zabulon' faced in battle by Stuka Squadron was an in any case mythical figure we'd never heard of are rejected for being, well, ludicrous. 

** Although when we had a chance encounter with Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden fame, the only band member The Great Man recognised was ... Zabulon.

And to all the all the other idiot vampires out there... come out, come out wherever you are...