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In search of a home for 'Zeppelin!'

Legionnaires and Squadroneers. Oberkommando are now embarking on a quest to take THE ZEPPELIN! ALBUM to the greatest audience possible. As such, we demand that you pester, annoy and harass all record labels and distributors within your 'friends' lists to take a look! Ten years in the making, 'Zeppelin!' is the second album from the legendary NWOTHM metal band STUKA SQUADRON. The album comes in two forms, a 13 track concept album, and a ten track 'just the songs' version, and is themed around World War I and II. The album is musically complete, as is the cover and all other artwork. All interested parties please apply to us here for some sample tracks!

In other news for our UNDEAD LEGIONS we, THE SQUADRON, may have finally unearthed a new drummenmeister. More to follow shortly....


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