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OBERKOMMANDO has released the following Propaganda announcement.

Legendary Vampire New Wave of Traditional Metal regiment STUKA SQUADRON have announced the recruitment of renowned axe-warrior BLADE on lead guitar. BLADE joins The Squadron after previously fulfilling lead duties for Norfolk-based Heavy Metal collective THIRTEENTH SIGN and London doomsters CENTURION'S GHOST.

STUKA SQUADRON vocalist JAMES DUKE FANG BEGLEY commented via the band's Facebook.

"Dear Squadron Legion,

It is my unholy pleasure to announce that the Mighty Axe God BLADE has joined our ranks. An old Ally of mine from ancient British and Belgian Battles with Doom Kings Centurions Ghost, BLADE fought gallantly with his Ibanez artillery and is more than worthy filling some big jackboots.

We'd also like to thank our Brother of Metal The Prog wizard Achilles (Count Drechenfelden) for helping us out over the last few months..Please welcome BLADE to The Squadron, he will be fully functional when he returns to the U.K in late February. It will be worth the wait waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh


STUKA SQUADRON's published battle plans suggest that BLADE will debut at MEARFEST on 02 June. The band are expected to debut the critically acclaimed new song 'The Weeper' at the same show. The song will feature on an as-yet untitled album that the band are known to be in the process of writing and recording for release in 2018.

Rumours that BLADE is currently in legal proceedings against New Line Cinema for an inaccurate portrayal of his exploits in a series of films from the late 1990s and early 2000s are as yet unsubstantiated

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