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Terrorsound is pitted!

Squadroneers, First legionnaires, denizens of the Subterranean Reich, dread news! A great champion, Sir Graveghoul Terrorsound has been incarcerated in the Stuka Squadron prison we call The Fiery Pit, where he will languish for all eternity (unless we need him back, in which case he will probably be released for the second or third time). We wish him well in that we fully intend to torture him mercilessly until he falls to bits completely.

Duke Fang delivered the following heartwarming eulogy on behalf of the departed minstrel:

"Loyal Legionaries and new fan recruits to the growing Squadron clan listen up!!!It is my unfortunate duty to inform you that we have parted company with Shredmeister extraordinaire Sir Graveghoul Terrorsound.After many years of service and destructive missions aplenty, Terrorsound will depart and continue to pursue other musical adventures.That being said he is aware of the rules and has therefore heroically ejected himself with a Marshall cab strapped to his back into Stuka Squadron's infamous Fiery Pit where Zabulon, Count Axis and all other ex-pilots dwell.Ironically you will hear one of his blistering solos on a track called Pit of Fire so fear not fans, he will feature on some future recorded Propaganda.So let's all all crank up a guitar REALLY LOUD AND SHRED, sacrifice a soundman and hear it for TERRORSOUND!!!!DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE TRY TO UNDERSTAND WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

To clarify Duke Fang's comments Sir Graveghoul Terrorsound will feature on the next Stuka Squadron album (currently scheduled for late 2017-early 2018), playing on two tracks (ironically) 'Pit of Fire' and forthcoming epic 'The Weeper'. As a result of his untimely self-elimination Squadron now seek a new lead guitar player. The rules are the same as ever. You need to be willing and able to play lead guitar for Stuka Squadron. You need to be a vampire. You need to have flown dive-bombers in The Great Unpleasantness 1939-45 (while being a vampire - no more very elderly humans with ukeleles please). You must absolutely, definitely drink blood.

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