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Vampires! STUKA SQUADRON are pleased to NOT ANNOUNCE that we are engaged in A SECRET MISSION. We will gladly provide NO DETAILS.

Here are some shots, which will help NOBODY! The most astute of the stupid humans will observe that we are FOR AN UNREVEALED REASON engaged in THE UNDERGROUND LAIR OF THE MASTERGOTH.

If you think you know what we are doing you are instructed to WRITE TO US IMMEDIATELY. If you are wrong we will laugh in your face. If you are right you WILL BE INTERROGATED to find out how you DISCOVERED OUR SECRET!

Unfortunately the above photograph was posted on our Facebook propaganda page, There it WAS HIDEOUSLY vandalised (see below)..

The perpetrators foolishly named themselves AND WILL BE ANNIHILATED. This is why we ignore fan input. If we asked you to name an album what would you call it? Album McAlbum face?

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