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It has come to our attention that towards the end of last year, during the election, certain parties (believed to be driven by an an embittered-for-no-reason former band member) decided to sell a nothing story to the newspaper.. This whole incident is rejected in its entirety as specious nonsense. At that time we posted the rebuttal below. With hindsight the band took the whole incident too seriously. with the caveat that Lord Pyre has been flogged for exploiting STUKA SQUADRON's infamy for a wholly futile and absolutely doomed political campaign. He has since retired from politics. Dinking BLOOD and making METAL are already a lot of things to do.

'Just a quick message to those seemingly hoping to exploit Stuka Squadron for political advantage or personal profit:

Stuka Squadron is - and always was - solely AN ACT. It is an art-house Heavy Metal band intended from the start to blend elements of musical theatre with traditional Heavy Metal performance. No more, no less. It was intended to be shocking and un-PC at the outset, although this desire waned as it increased in popularity.

The band is not intended to convey any political message. There is no political agenda and the band members have always represented a cross-section of political opinion. No band member has ever been affiliated to any extreme right or left wing movement, has or had any interest in or sympathy for extreme politics.

The back story relates to events in Germany prior to and during World War II. This is connected to a popular comic book trope about German vampires from the era - as seen in the TV series 'True Blood' and elsewhere.

The lyrics are stories about vampires. While numerous attempts have been made to divine hidden meaning within them, this is futile. They are mostly based on in-jokes incomprehensible to outsiders. While they do contain references, these are generally to other Heavy Metal bands, horror and war films or Shakespeare.

The only part of the band that was ever serious was the music, which would only be released when at 'Stuka Standard' - the highest quality. All interviews are very obviously humorous in intent, as are all videos etc. All public statements were made in character and reflected the views of the character portrayed, not the musician. All items of costume are entirely bogus. The intention was to portray Luftwaffe pilots. However the band's own style is intended only to vaguely evoke the subject. The long leather coats were copied from the goth band The Fields of the Nephilim. The hats are mostly from steampunk stores. The trousers and shirts are from regular clothing outlets. The insignia were internally designed. A range of boots were worn.

While some members sported Iron Crosses, the Iron Cross is an insignia which was not specific to the Second World War, is commonly worn by Heavy Metal bands and is a reference to the band Motörhead.

Any appearance of genuine World War II-era symbols on accessories - hats, ties, straps etc is purely accidental and the result of random early purchases. A skull insignia seen in some photographs is a reference to the band Slayer.

The band's look is NOT intended to portray the SS or any other specific military unit from any era. It is the uniform of a fantasy unit existing in an imaginary universe in which vampires played a significant role in World War II. Any references to historical individuals such as 'The Desert Fox', Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, Aleister Crowley, H.P Lovecraft etc refer to imaginary versions of those individuals, not the historical reality.

The use of World War II or German language terminology is in all cases intended to evoke the period in question or assist in the back story. It has no further significance.

All of above has always appeared to be obvious to our Heavy Metal audience, to critics connected with the genre and so on. Any current attempt to misrepresent the band's intentions is rejected as spurious and cynical. The Squadron.

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